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Iron Hill Museum Exhibits

Iron Mining


See how Iron Hill got its name! See what iron ore looks like before it’s melted and refined into Pig Iron. You can learn all the steps of Iron Mining and see the products of the mining process.

Please Touch Wall


Ever wanted to know what a turtle shell felt like? Or what a piece of petrified wood looked like. Stop by the Please Touch wall and see these and much more. Kids love it!

The Lenni Lenape


The Lenni Lenape lived in harmony with their surroundings and found everything they needed in the woods around them. See what material they used and how they used them to live a life without electricity, telephones, televisions, or any of our modern conveniences.

Rocks and Minerals


Iron Hill houses part of the du Pont Rock and Mineral collection. Donated to the museum in the 1960’s, this beautiful collection displays rocks and minerals from around Delaware and around the world. Learn about the different types of rocks and how to identify different minerals.

Glowing Rock Room


These rocks look like any old rock you would find anywhere, but shine ultraviolet lights on them and watch them glow! These fluorescent minerals turn bright red, green, purple, and much more! See the radioactive marbles and gum plates! Don’t miss this display!

Taxidermy Collection


See bears, turtles, deer, turkeys, hawks, foxes, and much more in the Museum's collection of taxidermy specimens.

Delaware's Prehistoric Sea Life


Although Delaware never had dinosaurs, we did have many varieties of mosasaurs. What’s a mosasaur? Come to Iron Hill Museum and find out! Find out what other types of creatures were crawling along the seafloor that would eventually become Delaware!

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