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Like puzzles? You'll love the Iron Hill Museum puzzle, then!  Take all the pieces and put them together to make the picture of the museum and the butterflies on the flowers come together. Click each piece to rotate it and then drag it to the puzzle. If it stays put, you got it right. If not, try again! Start the Puzzle Now!

Let's see how good your memory is. Try to match the sounds in the Audio Remember game! Click each square and when you hear the sound, try to find a matching sound.  Find two matching sounds in a row and you'll clear those squares. Clear all the squares and you win! Start Audio Remember Now!
This trivia game is not for the timid!  Answer questions on all kinds of topics from math and science, to art and travel. Be warned, though; these will really be a challenge for your brain!
Start the Trivia Game Now!
Here's your chance to be a truck driver and deliver packages to your customers. Load the packages in each truck for your delivery. The better you organize packages, the faster your trucks can make their deliveries and come back. But be careful; letting more than 14 packages waiting for delivery will end the game! Start Delivering Now!
Simon, anyone?  Play the classic game and try to remember the color and sound sequence of Simon. How far can you get?  Start Simon!
See just how quick your reflexes are! Click on three or more adjoining boxes to clear them out. Keep clearing out rows before the boxes stack to the ceiling, though. Use bombs to blow up lots of boxes at once to save time.  Can you get the high score? Start Clearing Boxes!
You're Siggi the blue sea horse and you've missed the start of the race. Try to make up for lost time and get over the finish line first. Use the arrow keys to move. The race lasts 100 seconds. There is a time bonus for finishing the race faster. Try to swim through the air bubbles to get extra points, but avoid the jellyfish. They'll shock you! Race Siggi the Sea Horse now!
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